What we can Cast

What can be cast and how we price

As you can imagine, this will depend on size, weight, complexity and material used. The largest single item we cast is roughly 7″ by 12″.


There will be a one off cost towards a silicon rubber mould if one is needed, the cost will be determined on the complexity and if cleaning/repairing of the item is required. The mould is owned by Devon Metalcrafts and will stay with Devon Metalcrafts, but all rights to the mould are the customers.

What we can cast


The cost of the castings will depend on the amount of items that can be fitted into one flask and the complexity of making the wax copy.

What we can cast


If multiple items are required, for example 50 plus items then Devon Metalcrafts will be happy to discount each item, but please understand that every item is still made individually so the discount won’t be great.

What we can cast